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Money is a side effect of your own sovereignty.

I am not the first person to say this, nor will I be the last. But truly and I mean truly, allowing yourself to be who you are, by following your own innate knowing and guidance and trusting in your own (soul) urges, will bring you absolutely everything you want to embody in this physical reality.

So why create yet another money manifesting book when there are so many others out there? Others that are well written, rounded and fully formulated, thought out and totally on the mark.

Because I wanted to say the same thing that all the others say, but with a totally new perspective.

It started as a book about manifesting, but it became so much more. A place where you get to create the things you want to see in your holographic reality around you, by tapping into your deep, dark, desires and creating new stories.

Understanding the way in which we hold onto money beliefs and how they can block the things we actually want. And truly realising that it is in the letting go, where it can all happen.

Did I mention it's also a little raunchy, a little spicy and might make you a little uncomfortable?

If you are looking for yet another book that is going to say the same thing you have heard before over and over, this is not your book.

If you want to read something that is going to make you question your morals, dig into your soul and make you want to do the work, then this is for you.

You get to expand into a possible new awareness, release some sh*t and do some things.

🌀 Surge = a sudden rush forward from where you are

Money Surge is the first book in the Series of Surges.

3 Books designed to help you get everything you want, by working with the 3 biggest topics.

Money | Love | Health

I don't tell you how to do something, instead I share with you a summary from the plethora of information I have gathered over the last few years through my own experience. With spirituality, grief, science....all of it.

I've found the common tone, and tried to make it simple so you don't need to go down every single rabbit hole to see if that's where you need to be.

You don't need to lock into any particular beliefs or stories or ideas, but you get to create your own or choose the ones that feel right for you.

Arm that with a simplistic but potent 21 days in each topic and you will have a new mindset that will attract everything to you, instead of you searching for the things you want.

The other bonus is, it feels good. I mean really good. It's fun and it's based on who you are, what you really want and how it makes you feel.

Did I mention there is also a free complimentary course to go with the books? Money Surge Course is now available and you get that when you purchase the book for absolutely nothing.

(I'm also adding a community, but that's top secret!)

Want the course and not the book? Just watch it on YouTube totally for free.

AND there is even a Kindle version now available.

And if you are holding your breath for book 2, that will be out so soon. It's time to surge 🌀


Money Surge


This is the first book out of the 3 books in the 'Series of Surges'

This book is the well anticipated book on how to manifest money but in a whole new light.

You will hear how you can create your desires, find out what is stopping you from going after them and how you can practice new techniques to help you allow them to guide you toward everything you want.

We will be using story telling, fantasy and full letting go sequence so that you can apply your new drive to the 21 days of basic manifesting activities.

The idea behind this book is not become just another 21 day planner with tools that have been done over and over and over. But to open your mind to create from your own space, ways in which will work for you to truly hold onto the feeling of exactly what you desire.

To create the space where you can already feel it, but in such a big way that you can let go of any expected outcome. This will allow you to magnetise things to you, instead of trying to reach out to the things you think you want.

The 21 days have some standard money manifesting tools, but instead of just going through the motions, you're gonna feel hot and turned on doing it. This will help you lock into your new liberated mindset and let everything flow.

What is Surge?

A Surge is defined as sudden rush forward from where you are. Specifically created to put you in a totally new space. But not just any space, a space that you want to be in. Filled with all the things you want to have and experience.

Surge was originally set up as 3 book manifesting tool. Designed to teach you some tools to help you manifest money, love and health. Once I started writing, the whole idea took off on its own. The books are writing themselves. They are now an embodiment of everything that I have learnt through trying become a rich, happy and good looking.

Even though these books are written about money, love and health, they are not what you think they are.

The first book - Money Surge has just been released. Yes, it contains some practical and simple manifesting tools that everyone knows about. The difference is that I teach you so much more than that. The idea that when we are trying to bring money into our lives, it's because we are trying to fix something, buy something or we want to feel something.

I share with you the way that I try to embody the feeling of what I want, by tapping into my own deep, dark desires. I create new stories and use fantasy and get excited about everything that I want and how it will make me feel. I work on what is stopping me from feeling the way that I want to, so that when I try to bring the money into my life it attracts to me because of the high frequency I am resonating at, not because I called it in.

The 21 day protocol is to help you lock into the new energy of who you are and couple it with some simplistic tools to help make what could be brand new ideas, solidify within your being.

The second book Love Surge will be about creating the 'perfect' relationship. Not by searching for 'the one' but by you loving yourself first so that you magnetise that person to you.

And the third book, Body Surge is how to create health within your body. Not by putting band aids over the wounds you have, but focussing on cleaning up your own energetics and understanding yourself on a whole new level.

These books are infused with everything that I have learnt about religion, spirituality, science and so much more but also coupled with the grieving process that I went through at the same as this learning journey.

I have tried most things, so I only every talk about first hand experience. My advice is not to give you new instructions on how you can have what I have, but to embody you to feel powerful enough to create your own.

Regardless of how much money we have, who we are with and where we live, what do we truly want? We want to feel good. And that's how I feel, all the time. Regardless of what is happening around me.

And not just good, but REALLY good. I want you to as well.

Read the books, get the course for free and see what changes.

Money Surge is Out Now. (Course Now ALSO Available)



Series Of Surges | 21 Day Protocols

Surge Session

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Stopping yourself from creating something just because of a belief will not get you anywhere.

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