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Join the free Facebook Group to ask specific questions relating to what you are working on right now.


Watch the free creator training on YouTube.


Get question specific training, and personal assistance to what you are creating right now.

Monthly personal strategy sessions and 1 on 1 support. All at a low membership fee.

No lock ins.


Once place to send all your potential new clients and customers. A sales funnel created for you, by you, to highlight exactly who you are and what you offer.

Along with training and a cool content creation and AI tool bonus.

How can I help you?

I believe in co-creating. Where we find the right people at the right time to help us expand in every moment. Whether it is through training, personal assistance or just being motivated, you will find the right support whenever you need it.

I wanted to create many different spaces to help people at different levels and at different times. Every single person is 100% unique and will have their own style, their own opinion and their personal way that they want to show up in the online space. There is no copy and paste here and no lecturing type trainings.

Instead I share what I have learnt, what I have experienced and what I may recommend in the moment.

All of this changes at various times, I learn more, I experience more and I can help you with different and new things at any time.

I also like to gather information from many different sources. I will never just hear one way to create something and run with that, I will hear from many other people, learn many different ways, try things out for myself and then share what I have learnt.

The reason I am so passionate about what I do, is that I believe if we just followed our creative nudges, that we could truly create the life around us that we actually want.

As someone who would consider themselves spiritually awakened, I can see how following our desires and bringing them to light allows us to not just move toward the things we want, but also allow the chance for any growth or to highlight anything that is hindering our path toward that desire.

It's like an all in one tool. And it is a lot more fun than trying to go down a healing path and constantly look for something wrong with you.

Moving directly toward the things that we want, bringing them to life, then allows more layers of our shadows to be released and more desires to bare their beautiful faces.

This is what I call CODES TO MATTER.

Allowing the unique tones and frequencies of who you are (codes) become a physical reality (matter).


See which option below can help you right now.



This started as a paid training container that showed you how to set yourself up on TikTok, YouTube and Podcasts. It extended into creating videos, graphics, audio and so much more.

I transferred all these training videos to YouTube which is now freely available for anyone who needs the training.

I also have a free Facebook group which was created for anyone who has specific questions to anything they are working on.


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Get specific help

What are you working on right now or what do you want to start? This membership begins with a 1 on 1 call to see where you are at and where you want to be.

We will design a path for you based on exactly what will work with your own energy, your time and your desired outcome.

Coupled with weekly general training as well as on the spot responses for exactly what you need in the moment, this will get you finishing things quicker than you can say, 'what even is a Hellcat..'


Fluidity in metaphysics and logic

Strategy after strategy, step after step - it can all become confusing AF.

I am combining the power of the numbers 3,6 and 9 and putting them alongside some good old fashioned logic. Creating a new way to do everything.

Watch the presentation so that you can see exactly what I am talking about. This video is focussed on how we can use this method in the online digital space. Revoking the need for anything complicated or stiff strategic moves.

You can use this idea and adapt your own way to the way that you show up online, when, how and what you are even talking about.

It is not in the process that will attract people to you, it is how you are showing up and the authenticity within that.

1 ON 1

The Ultimate 1 on 1

3 Month Commitment

This is where everything happens. You and me for 3 months, completing everything that you want to create.

Your only limitation is how much you can do in this space of time. If you were ready to rebrand, create a new business structure, courses, workshops, online offers... all of it can be completed in 3 months.

This can even include social media management and monitoring.

The Funnel

Let me create your very own Sales Funnel.

Based on what you want and what journey you would like your prospective new client to go on.

You will be set up on a new platform which you can use straight away totally for free. You will learn all about sales funnels, how they work, best practices etc.

Then you will be able to create your very own unique combination of what you like in said funnel. Pass it onto me to create the funnel of your dreams.

I'm also going to give you some training in my favourite social media content scheduling tool and an AI Video creating and editing tool.

You don't have what I need...

You could even expand into these areas...

And if you still can't find anything at all to help...