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Whether you need help with setting up a new social media platform, content creation, help with healing or blocks to your creativity, or straight up all in help, I've offered it all at some stage. And here are some of the highlights.

Details of the offer is listed below the image. Please note that some of the graphics and branding is from the time of original offering, any words or other brand names may no longer be in circulation.

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Offers in no order.

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Logo Design

Primary logo design (2 Options, 3 Changes)

2-3 Fonts Selected


3 Month Creation Space

1 Month all in of me creating what you need right now. Course, content, workshops.

2 Months of support for changes and implementation.

Powerful Modality

A 4 week experience of understanding this powerful modality. Learning how to see your own shadows as constructs of the archetypes that you are expressing.

1 on 1 Single Call

A single 1 on 1 call (not time limit) to help you identify what is stopping you from finishing the thing you are currently creating. Any tools or training required will be supplied after initial call.

Your Choice

From all of the things that I can help you with, you get to choose for a whole month. Course creating, content creation, social media set's all up to you.

Getting Set Up On YouTube

Brand new to YouTube? I will give you all the training and hands on support to get you starte don YouTube. Including new banner and trailer.

Graphic Templates

12 Templates for you to use on your stories or short videos. Created just for you with your required images, colours and fonts.

Creating a Workshop

I will help you pull out all the information you already have and create a workshop for you to sell. Any graphics or workbooks will also be created.

Setting Up Your New TikTok

I will show you how to set yourself up on TikTok as well as give you all the training and support in the new stages of your brand new account.

3 Months Doing And Being

An experience of working through your beliefs and learning new creating tools, to help you bust through the barriers that are holding you up to becoming your true self. Each week a new training will be received. This is a 3 month container.

Short Video Creation

A created of 12 short videos (60 secs) for you to use across all your socials. A creation of your very own mini series based on what you are offering right now and want you want your audience to see.

Designs for a Month

You get me for a whole month creating your graphics. Whether for new offers, branding or general postings. I will do all of it for you for the whole month.

Back Pocket Coaching

You get me on call, right inside Voxer (or similar). To ask me anything about anything. Creating, content, spirituality, beliefs, set up, tech, even to look at what your creating and give you feed back or assistance.

Personal Tee Design

Want to design your own tee? Well guess what? I can.

Whatever you want, we will create it.

(we can print and ship direct to you at an additional charge)

Full Course Creation

Ready for that new course? Already have the information but need someone to edit, make it look pretty.? I will help you design and create a course that is ready for wherever it is to be housed, including workbooks and graphics.