Digital Content Creation




Get seen by more people.

The right people, your people.

Views, likes, subs, whatever it is, let's improve it and have more eyes on what you have to offer.



Curated content based on your specific goals equals a better response from your viewers.

Tell them what you want, so they know how to respond, leading to more sales.



Create your digital space as a vortex of your own magnetism.

Showing up consistently, with your own message will bring more people into your world.

The Digital Expansion Chamber is designed to achieve these three outcomes, regardless of what your individual goals are.

Enhanced acceleration, improved performance and an increased output are characteristics of an actual expansion chamber. They are also akin to the performance of my favourite vehicle. It doesn't sound right to be talking about cars when we are talking about creating in the digital online space, but for me it makes perfect sense as we are combining my two loves together.

It doesn't matter what area your skills lie in, there is always an element of you expanding in that field. You learn more, you gain more experience and you always end up with more exposure. It is impossible to do anything but expand in any area.

So whilst these ideas may come from anything with an engine, we can apply them to the way we create in the online space as well. I'm using my love of the Dodge Challenger and the various models to create 3 different areas that you can work with me inside the Digital Expansion Chamber.


Based on exactly how I see these vehicle, is how I have created these offers.

The Demon is the fastest car straight off the production line, with unrivalled acceleration, the most powerful performance and the highest horsepower output. This car also only has 2 seats, no room for passengers in here.

This is exactly what we will be doing in the DEMON | 1 ON 1 CONTAINER.

Accelerating your brand, your following and everything that you are offering.

Ensuring that your performance is operating at its highest capacity.

To create more sales, more clients. more income.

The Hellcat is also an amazing car straight off the production line, but also has everything that Dodge has to offer in a motor vehicle. Style, comfort and speed.

The HELLCAT | MEMBERSHIP will do the same thing. Give you everything you need, exactly when you need it. A small capped group where you can get the help you need in the moment, along with the training and month strategy as needed.

The Scat/Pack is Dodge that is all about the extras you add on.

I have created this as the individual offers or services that I can offer to you on a regular or irregular basis. These will be on my website and offered on my socials as they come up.

DEMON | 1 ON 1

1 on 1

3 Month Container

What do you want to create?

We will make it happen.


We start with a laser focussed call to identify exactly what you want, why you want it and is it your truest desire.

I will get to know you, understand what you like to do, how you like to show up and where your best fit is.

We will create a step by step unique and personalised strategy for the next three months. This will detail exactly what you will need to do over the 3 months AND what I will be doing for you.

This has no limits in the creation space. If it is courses, workshops, webinars, books, graphics, branding, podcasts, new platforms or all of the above, it is possible.

The only limitation is how big is your goal?


Regardless of popular opinion and what is working for everyone else, I only believe in creating in a way that is aligned to you, what you have to offer and how you want to share.

People will be attracted to you first, then what you can do.

We express from the inside out.


Even with our own magical power and divine intuition, there are 3 main areas that we still want to work in to find our future connections.

Being Seen : Increasing views, follows or interactions

Sell It : Making money by selling an offer, service or product

Maintenance : A constant present across your socials

These areas will be targeted through our content creation by usings best practices where applicable.


This package includes absolutely everything you need.

Which is not limited to creation of any courses, workbooks or audio recordings. As well as any branding, graphics or short videos. If it needs to be created, I will create it.

I will also offer content management if required, for scheduling and interaction purposes.

Hashtags, titles and any other CTA's will be created where applicable.

At the end of each month, I will give you a report to share analytics and growth as well as any adjustments in the

plan moving forward.


I ask you to fully commit to this 3 month period. As I will be. Think of it like a full time creator, at your side doing as much or as little as you guide them.

You will need to create raw material during this period and constant interaction is a must. Scheduled calls will be required and you will have access to me at all times via Voxer during the entire period.

This is a hands on partnership.

I will in return, do everything I can to ensure we reach our collaborative goals.

US $ 10,000/3 Months

(3 Pay Option $3333.33/Month or $8,888 PIF Discounted Price)

This is how easy it can be to create a strategy that works for you

Strategy after strategy, step after step - it can all become confusing AF.

I am combining the power of the numbers 3,6 and 9 and putting them alongside some good old fashioned logic. Creating a new way to do everything.

Watch the presentation so that you can see exactly what I am talking about. This video is focussed on how we can use this method in the online digital space. Revoking the need for anything complicated or stiff strategic moves.

You can use this idea and adapt your own way to the way that you show up online, when, how and what you are even talking about.

It is not in the process that will attract people to you, it is how you are showing up and the authenticity within that.

Scat/Pack Offers

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