Creator Training & Support

A place for new online creators to learn the basics and expand through their digital creations.

This concept originally started out as an idea to share with people everything that I had learnt in becoming a creator in the online space. From setting up new social media platforms, to creating content, designing graphics, learning sales and marketing and everything else in between. Once I started I realised how big this topic was, how many opinions were out there and how many different ways we can show up in the digital space.

So I created basic training in the most common topics, added in a supporting Facebook group and leave it open so you can ask what you want help with. Sure I could create video after video of the many things I have learnt, but what would the point be if no one is asking for that. I would rather spend my time creating training videos with what you want help with now.

And yes, all of this is 100% free.

I have tried many different things in the online space...

+ Online Courses, Programs & Workshops

+ Coaching Containers

+ Graphic And Brand Design

+ Book Publishing

+ Drop Shipping, Print On Demand

+ Affiliate Marketing

+ Web Design, Sales Funnels

If there was a way that I thought I could make money, I have tried it.

And along with creating all those things comes the experience of learning how to work with many different programs, tools, apps and systems. As well as how to navigate through many different social media platforms and other social outlets.

How can you bundle all of that up into one container?

This is how it came about. Starting from a place of wanting to share my experience and ending up becoming something that is constantly expanding.

The whole idea to create this space is to give anyone who needs it, the opportunity to get the training they need to help them show up online. Without having to purchase full programs and pay a lot of money. All the information that is contained in this space was not only gathered from me learning with hands on experience, but with the purchase of many different high end and well known courses and programs along the way. I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars to learn all of this as well as my own experience and some good old fashioned common sense, I bring to you what I hope is something that will help you with where you are at right now.

I believe that creation is the path to everything we want.

Whether it is money, love or health. All of it can stem from the process of creating something that we want to create.

Even if it is just an expression of who we are or a new opinion or a full blown course, all of it still an expression.

Through this process we will be moving toward who we really are, seeing and shadows as they appear and learn more about ourselves than we can with any other healing program.

All whilst stepping more and more into everything we want. Shedding layers that are holding us back and becoming our most magnetic being of who we are.

This was a paid portal, now it is totally free for you to access on my YouTube Channel.

Training Modules

Here are some sample videos

These are some of the topics we cover.

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