Make Money.

We used to think there was only one way to do this, now our choices are endless.

This page is dedicated to sharing with you any of my offers that currently have an affiliate payment offered or any links to things that I actually use and believe that will benefit you as well.

I will also keep this page as a link to all bonuses and training for any affiliate sign up offers.

This page is brand new, so if you see any links that are not working, please let me know. (And keep an eye on this page for any new trainings and updates)

I am also happy to share other offers should I think they would be of service to someone else or something that I make be interested in. So if you have any other affiliate recommendations, please let me know!

If you need assistance with general content creation, scheduling, marketing or anything in the digital area, I have a few ways I can help. From free all the way to 1 on 1. Reach out if you cannot find what you need.

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20% Payout Amount

I am currently offering my latest offer, The Funnel as an affiliate offer. You will receive 20% of what the client pays for this offer. The PIF price is currently US $1111, with two other payment options of 2 x $ 500 or 3 X 600.

Whichever payment is received, you will receive 20% of when each amount is paid.

20% of $1111 = $ 222.20

20% of each $600 = $120 (paid twice)

20% of each $500 = $100 (paid three times)

All you need to do is sign up below and use this link.

Sales Marketing Platform

The perfect platform for someone to start out with one offer, service or product they are ready to sell. It will give the user a basic understanding of a wordpress site and to learn how to use a sales funnel. As well as setting up a course and a community.

Simple to use. Comes with pretty good training videos and a great Facebook group for community help. Any new user can become an affiliate once signed up.

Free to use immediately.

You can start with a fully operational sales funnel, course and community and other tools without paying a cent.

As an affiliate, you can offer a 20% discount to others.

Paid subscriptions start at US $27/Month.

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Content Scheduling Tool

If you have more than just Instagram and Facebook as a social media platform, this will help you schedule your content. Or if you like to plan ahead or have specific sales funnels or launches you want to run, this is perfect for you.

Up to 50 posts per month can be scheduled using the free version.

As well as your own page with links, just like Linktree.

You can also use an AI tool to write copy.

Paid subscriptions start at US 18/month.

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AI Video Editor and Creator

If you want AI assistance in creating a video from your words, or editing a video you have spoken in, plus other various tools, this will save you a lot of time. You would need to be creating a lot of videos or having this as your main content type to warrant the paid subscription.

There is a 14 day trial for new users. And a limit of 3 video creations.

Free upgrades and levels dependent on affiliates.

After that the paid subscription starts at US 19/month.

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YouTube Marketing Assistant

If you have a YouTube Channel, this is something that you should get first. It helps you create chapters, look at your tags, and monitor best practices across YouTube. The more focussed you are on growing your channel, the higher level subscription you would need.

You can use this tool for free for basic assistance.

Dependent on users, you can be on different affiliate tiers to access free membership yourself.

Paid subscription starts at US 6/month.

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