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An insight into who I am

I've been channeling a lot of energy lately over on TikTok, and there's some pretty cool messages in there. If you want to watch them, click below.

This is me

Happy. Free. Excited about the life that I have created.

It was not always like this and it has been a bit of a road to get here.

I started my journey as someone who wanted to change their life and become a better person. To find a way to make more money so that it would make my relationship better with my husband, because money fixes everything, right?

It was not long into that journey, that I discovered a whole new world of healing, spirituality, mindset and so much more. With just a year into this new type of embodiment, I told the Universe that I wanted to fix things quickly.

Give me the worst thing you have so I can get through all this healing work more quickly.

When you ask, you receive.

My husband passed away unexpectedly and left me and our collective 6 children and one grand child.

To say what came next was tough is an understatement.

It's been a true journey of self discovery, a deep learning curve, a whole new awakening and a lot of determination.

I filled my time in too many modalities, trainings, books, coaching sessions, masterminds, courses, programs, certifications....

You name it, I have probably tried it.

Which leads me to where I am now.

I learnt so much, that I came back full circle.

All the way back to the beginning, but with a whole new mindset, a lot of experience and an openness that is hard to find.

So now I am here, in this space where I call myself a creative genius.

Not because my ego is bigger than the room, but because I know some stuff.

I have practical experience, I have learnt experience and I have a knowing that cannot be described with words.

It is from here that I can help you move toward the everyday happiness that I feel, regardless of what is going on around me.

I can help you bring whatever you desire to life in a way that separates you from everyone else.

I turn your codes to matter.

FOUNDATION : The Segments

The Way I Assemble My Construct

6 Segments Sharing The Foundation To My Being, How I See My Reality And How I Am Able To Believe In Everything But Attach To Nothing.

This is Segment 1 | The Opening

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Where does my magic come from?

There are so many components that have led me to where I am. The physical experiences I have been through, the way that I have taken on new information and learnt new things, and the things that happen that cannot be explained with simple words.

All of these things have given me an overview of EVERYTHING that is only just another possibility.

It is only because of the things I have seen and the things that I have felt that I can share what I now know.

Everything is real.

Everything is not real.

Spirituality, science, religion, history... all of it given to us as tools to help us on our own person journeys. And that is all that all of it is, a personal journey.

You get to choose what it looks like, what you experience, how you feel.

This will not seem true to most people as I know that many of us have felt like life has let us down. It has given a barrage of things that have not always felt fun, challenges and situations that we have not been able to control. And mostly left us with stress, anxiety and fear.

There are many ways in which we can interpret what the purpose of it all is, but honestly I don't think anyone actually has the answer to that. I believe we get to choose what we want to believe in. What we feel is true for us. And yes, we can change our minds.

I have a generalisation of how I see it all and I don't fully attach to it as a gospel or hard fact, but I do use it as a basis for how I show up everyday.

I love a good tale but I also love a solid fact, so trying to find a way to put them both together has always been of a high importance for me.

When you first hear about spirituality it can be mind blowing and also feel like a made up story or someone who has lost their marbles, but when you can find some sort of 'proof' by using science and physics, you can find a way to accept it.

When you go deep and all in on certain topics, you will find that you can learn a lot, but you will also find that there is so much more to learn. Even with all the knowledge I tried to arm myself with, I always found a way to bring it back in to a simplified form.

Our only purpose is to become who we truly are.

Get to know ourselves and express ourselves in the absolute truth of our being.

Who are we at our core?

And that's it, everything else is a tool to help us.

This is the basis I see us as existing, without knowing the why of it all.

I also can see that our existence is just based on a vibration, a frequency and everything that we encounter or experience is also the same thing. A fractal of light, a mathematical equation, something that seems so real but actually isn't. A projection of an accumulation of light and sound.

And even seeing it on that level, still begs the question - why?

If you are religious, or have a deep spiritual affiliation you will have your own answer to that. For me, I believe in all of the beliefs that everyone has as they are their beliefs and that is what they are holding onto and there's a truth to them, because someone believes in that. How can there only be one way, when so many people see things in so many different ways? If we are truly able to exist in a place of pure vibration, oneness, completeness, then that has to allow for the possibility of everything.

I ebb and flow between the things that I see and experience and these are unique to me. I used to share all of these moments with everyone but I now know that I no longer need to. It can be hard to be different in a world full of the same.

Even as an energetic vibrational frequency or a one particle reprinting each moment over and over, I am still here in this 3D reality, typing up these words.

I give to you something that is unique, just like you can give something to someone body else that is unique.

It is through my own tones and frequency that I can share myself with you, to help in where you want to go.

Our journey's do not need to be the same. We connect to the people we need in the perfect moment.

I am always bringing in new information, connecting to new ideas, beings and thoughts and creating a bigger picture for us all. I also always working on increasing the vibration of the planet, the love within myself and for everyone else around me. I am clearing energy and moving through things so you don't have to.

My presence is powerful and if you need it, you are reading this. I will make you question everything you believe in.

I will test your faith and your loyalty to your beliefs. I will also empower you to find your own voice. And then you will not need me anymore.